classmethod ModelChain.with_pvwatts(system, location, orientation_strategy=None, clearsky_model='ineichen', airmass_model='kastenyoung1989', name=None, **kwargs)[source]

ModelChain that follows the PVWatts methods.

  • system (PVSystem) – A PVSystem object that represents the connected set of modules, inverters, etc.
  • location (Location) – A Location object that represents the physical location at which to evaluate the model.
  • orientation_strategy (None or str, default None) – The strategy for aligning the modules. If not None, sets the surface_azimuth and surface_tilt properties of the system. Allowed strategies include ‘flat’, ‘south_at_latitude_tilt’. Ignored for SingleAxisTracker systems.
  • clearsky_model (str, default 'ineichen') – Passed to location.get_clearsky.
  • airmass_model (str, default 'kastenyoung1989') – Passed to location.get_airmass.
  • name (None or str, default None) – Name of ModelChain instance.
  • **kwargs – Parameters supplied here are passed to the ModelChain constructor and take precedence over the default configuration.


>>> module_parameters = dict(gamma_pdc=-0.003, pdc0=4500)
>>> inverter_parameters = dict(pac0=4000)
>>> tparams = TEMPERATURE_MODEL_PARAMETERS['sapm']['open_rack_glass_glass']
>>> system = PVSystem(surface_tilt=30, surface_azimuth=180,
...     module_parameters=module_parameters,
...     inverter_parameters=inverter_parameters,
...     temperature_model_parameters=tparams)
>>> location = Location(32.2, -110.9)
>>> ModelChain.with_pvwatts(system, location)
  name: None
  orientation_strategy: None
  clearsky_model: ineichen
  transposition_model: perez
  solar_position_method: nrel_numpy
  airmass_model: kastenyoung1989
  dc_model: pvwatts_dc
  ac_model: pvwatts_inverter
  aoi_model: physical_aoi_loss
  spectral_model: no_spectral_loss
  temperature_model: sapm_temp
  losses_model: pvwatts_losses