SingleAxisTracker.get_irradiance(surface_tilt, surface_azimuth, solar_zenith, solar_azimuth, dni, ghi, dhi, dni_extra=None, airmass=None, model='haydavies', **kwargs)[source]

Uses the irradiance.get_total_irradiance() function to calculate the plane of array irradiance components on a tilted surface defined by the input data and self.albedo.

For a given set of solar zenith and azimuth angles, the surface tilt and azimuth parameters are typically determined by singleaxis().

  • surface_tilt (numeric) – Panel tilt from horizontal.
  • surface_azimuth (numeric) – Panel azimuth from north
  • solar_zenith (numeric) – Solar zenith angle.
  • solar_azimuth (numeric) – Solar azimuth angle.
  • dni (float or Series) – Direct Normal Irradiance
  • ghi (float or Series) – Global horizontal irradiance
  • dhi (float or Series) – Diffuse horizontal irradiance
  • dni_extra (float or Series, default None) – Extraterrestrial direct normal irradiance
  • airmass (float or Series, default None) – Airmass
  • model (String, default 'haydavies') – Irradiance model.
  • **kwargs – Passed to irradiance.get_total_irradiance().

poa_irradiance (DataFrame) – Column names are: total, beam, sky, ground.