NDFD.get_data(latitude, longitude, start, end, vert_level=None, query_variables=None, close_netcdf_data=True, **kwargs)#

Submits a query to the UNIDATA servers using Siphon NCSS and converts the netcdf data to a pandas DataFrame.

  • latitude (float) – The latitude value.

  • longitude (float) – The longitude value.

  • start (datetime or timestamp) – The start time.

  • end (datetime or timestamp) – The end time.

  • vert_level (None, float or integer, default None) – Vertical altitude of interest.

  • query_variables (None or list, default None) – If None, uses self.variables.

  • close_netcdf_data (bool, default True) – Controls if the temporary netcdf data file should be closed. Set to False to access the raw data.

  • **kwargs – Additional keyword arguments are silently ignored.


forecast_data (DataFrame) – column names are the weather model’s variable names.