pvlib.modelchain.basic_chain(times, latitude, longitude, surface_tilt, surface_azimuth, module_parameters, temperature_model_parameters, inverter_parameters, irradiance=None, weather=None, transposition_model='haydavies', solar_position_method='nrel_numpy', airmass_model='kastenyoung1989', altitude=None, pressure=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Deprecated since version 0.9.1: The pvlib.modelchain.basic_chain function was deprecated in pvlib 0.9.1 and will be removed soon. Use pvlib.modelchain.ModelChain.with_pvwatts or pvlib.modelchain.ModelChain.with_sapm instead. Note that the with_xyz methods take different model parameters.

An experimental function that computes all of the modeling steps necessary for calculating power or energy for a PV system at a given location.

  • times (DatetimeIndex) – Times at which to evaluate the model.

  • latitude (float.) – Positive is north of the equator. Use decimal degrees notation.

  • longitude (float.) – Positive is east of the prime meridian. Use decimal degrees notation.

  • surface_tilt (numeric) – Surface tilt angles in decimal degrees. The tilt angle is defined as degrees from horizontal (e.g. surface facing up = 0, surface facing horizon = 90)

  • surface_azimuth (numeric) – Surface azimuth angles in decimal degrees. The azimuth convention is defined as degrees east of north (North=0, South=180, East=90, West=270).

  • module_parameters (dict or Series) – Module parameters as defined by the SAPM. See pvsystem.sapm for details.

  • temperature_model_parameters (dict or Series) – Temperature model parameters as defined by the SAPM. See temperature.sapm_cell for details.

  • inverter_parameters (dict or Series) – Inverter parameters as defined by the CEC. See inverter.sandia() for details.

  • irradiance (DataFrame, optional) – If not specified, calculates clear sky data. Columns must be ‘dni’, ‘ghi’, ‘dhi’.

  • weather (DataFrame, optional) – If not specified, assumes air temperature is 20 C and wind speed is 0 m/s. Columns must be ‘wind_speed’, ‘temp_air’.

  • transposition_model (str, default 'haydavies') – Passed to system.get_irradiance.

  • solar_position_method (str, default 'nrel_numpy') – Passed to solarposition.get_solarposition.

  • airmass_model (str, default 'kastenyoung1989') – Passed to atmosphere.relativeairmass.

  • altitude (float, optional) – If not specified, computed from pressure. Assumed to be 0 m if pressure is also unspecified.

  • pressure (float, optional) – If not specified, computed from altitude. Assumed to be 101325 Pa if altitude is also unspecified.

  • **kwargs – Arbitrary keyword arguments. See code for details.


output ((dc, ac)) – Tuple of DC power (with SAPM parameters) (DataFrame) and AC power (Series).