PVSystem.fuentes_celltemp(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed)[source]#

Deprecated since version 0.9: The fuentes_celltemp function was deprecated in pvlib 0.9 and will be removed in 0.10.0. Use PVSystem.get_cell_temperature instead.

Use pvlib.temperature.fuentes() to calculate cell temperature.

  • poa_global (pandas Series or tuple of Series) – Total incident irradiance [W/m^2]

  • temp_air (pandas Series or tuple of Series) – Ambient dry bulb temperature [C]

  • wind_speed (pandas Series or tuple of Series) – Wind speed [m/s]


temperature_cell (Series or tuple of Series) – The modeled cell temperature [C]


The Fuentes thermal model uses the module surface tilt for convection modeling. The SAM implementation of PVWatts hardcodes the surface tilt value at 30 degrees, ignoring whatever value is used for irradiance transposition. If you want to match the PVWatts behavior you can either leave surface_tilt unspecified to use the PVWatts default of 30, or specify a surface_tilt value in the Array’s temperature_model_parameters.

The temp_air, wind_speed, and surface_tilt parameters may be passed as tuples to provide different values for each Array in the system. If not passed as a tuple then the same value is used for input to each Array. If passed as a tuple the length must be the same as the number of Arrays.