SingleAxisTracker.pvsyst_celltemp(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed=1.0)#

Deprecated since version 0.9: The pvsyst_celltemp function was deprecated in pvlib 0.9 and will be removed in 0.10.0. Use PVSystem.get_cell_temperature instead.

Uses pvlib.temperature.pvsyst_cell() to calculate cell


poa_globalnumeric or tuple of numeric

Total incident irradiance in W/m^2.

temp_airnumeric or tuple of numeric

Ambient dry bulb temperature in degrees C.

wind_speednumeric or tuple of numeric, default 1.0

Wind speed in m/s measured at the same height for which the wind loss factor was determined. The default value is 1.0, which is the wind speed at module height used to determine NOCT.

numeric or tuple of numeric

values in degrees C.

The temp_air and wind_speed parameters may be passed as tuples to provide different values for each Array in the system. If not passed as a tuple then the same value is used for input to each Array. If passed as a tuple the length must be the same as the number of Arrays.