spectrum.spectrl2(apparent_zenith, aoi, ...)

Estimate spectral irradiance using the Bird Simple Spectral Model (SPECTRL2).


Generate a generic smooth spectral response (SR) for tests and experiments.


Read the ASTM G173-03 AM1.5 global spectrum on a 37-degree tilted surface, optionally interpolated to the specified wavelength(s).

spectrum.calc_spectral_mismatch_field(sr, e_sun)

Calculate spectral mismatch between a test device and broadband reference device under specified solar spectral irradiance conditions.

spectrum.spectral_factor_caballero(...[, ...])

Estimate a technology-specific spectral mismatch modifier from airmass, aerosol optical depth, and atmospheric precipitable water, using the Caballero model.

spectrum.spectral_factor_firstsolar(...[, ...])

Spectral mismatch modifier based on precipitable water and absolute (pressure-adjusted) airmass.


Calculates the SAPM spectral loss coefficient, F1.