Prepare the solar position, irradiance and weather inputs to the model, starting with plane-of-array irradiance.


data (DataFrame, or tuple or list of DataFrame) –

Contains plane-of-array irradiance data. Required column names include 'poa_global', 'poa_direct' and 'poa_diffuse'. Columns with weather-related data are ssigned to the weather attribute. If columns for 'temp_air' and 'wind_speed' are not provided, air temperature of 20 C and wind speed of 0 m/s are assumed.

If list or tuple, must be of the same length and order as the Arrays of the ModelChain’s PVSystem.


ValueError – If the number of DataFrames passed in data is not the same as the number of Arrays in the system.


Assigns attributes to results: times, weather, total_irrad, solar_position, airmass, aoi.