PVSystem.sapm_effective_irradiance(poa_direct, poa_diffuse, airmass_absolute, aoi, reference_irradiance=1000)[source]#

Use the sapm_effective_irradiance() function, the input parameters, and self.module_parameters to calculate effective irradiance.

  • poa_direct (numeric or tuple of numeric) – The direct irradiance incident upon the module. [W/m2]

  • poa_diffuse (numeric or tuple of numeric) – The diffuse irradiance incident on module. [W/m2]

  • airmass_absolute (numeric) – Absolute airmass. [unitless]

  • aoi (numeric or tuple of numeric) – Angle of incidence. [degrees]


effective_irradiance (numeric or tuple of numeric) – The SAPM effective irradiance. [W/m2]