PVSystem.get_cell_temperature(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed, model, effective_irradiance=None)[source]#

Determine cell temperature using the method specified by model.

  • poa_global (numeric or tuple of numeric) – Total incident irradiance in W/m^2.

  • temp_air (numeric or tuple of numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature in degrees C.

  • wind_speed (numeric or tuple of numeric) – Wind speed in m/s.

  • model (str) – Supported models include 'sapm', 'pvsyst', 'faiman', 'fuentes', and 'noct_sam'

  • effective_irradiance (numeric or tuple of numeric, optional) – The irradiance that is converted to photocurrent in W/m^2. Only used for some models.


numeric or tuple of numeric – Values in degrees C.


The temp_air and wind_speed parameters may be passed as tuples to provide different values for each Array in the system. If passed as a tuple the length must be the same as the number of Arrays. If not passed as a tuple then the same value is used for each Array.