PV temperature models#

temperature.sapm_cell(poa_global, temp_air, ...)

Calculate cell temperature per the Sandia Array Performance Model.

temperature.sapm_module(poa_global, ...)

Calculate module back surface temperature per the Sandia Array Performance Model.

temperature.sapm_cell_from_module(...[, ...])

Calculate cell temperature from module temperature using the Sandia Array Performance Model.

temperature.pvsyst_cell(poa_global, temp_air)

Calculate cell temperature using an empirical heat loss factor model as implemented in PVsyst.

temperature.faiman(poa_global, temp_air[, ...])

Calculate cell or module temperature using the Faiman model.

temperature.faiman_rad(poa_global, temp_air)

Calculate cell or module temperature using the Faiman model augmented with a radiative loss term.

temperature.fuentes(poa_global, temp_air, ...)

Calculate cell or module temperature using the Fuentes model.

temperature.ross(poa_global, temp_air, noct)

Calculate cell temperature using the Ross model.

temperature.noct_sam(poa_global, temp_air, ...)

Cell temperature model from the System Advisor Model (SAM).

temperature.prilliman(temp_cell, wind_speed)

Smooth short-term cell temperature transients using the Prilliman model.


Determine cell temperature using the method specified by model.

temperature.generic_linear(poa_global, ...)

Calculate cell temperature using a generic linear heat loss factor model.


A class that can both use and convert parameters of linear module temperature models: faiman, pvsyst, noct_sam, sapm_module and generic_linear.

Temperature Model Parameters#


Dictionary of temperature parameters organized by model.

There are keys for each model at the top level. Currently there are two models, 'sapm' for the Sandia Array Performance Model, and 'pvsyst'. Each model has a dictionary of configurations; a value is itself a dictionary containing model parameters. Retrieve parameters by indexing the model and configuration by name. Note: the keys are lower-cased and case sensitive.


Retrieve the open rack glass-polymer configuration for SAPM:

from pvlib.temperature import TEMPERATURE_MODEL_PARAMETERS
temperature_model_parameters = (
# {'a': -3.56, 'b': -0.075, 'deltaT': 3}