pvlib.irradiance.king(surface_tilt, dhi, ghi, solar_zenith)[source]#

Determine diffuse irradiance from the sky on a tilted surface using the King model.

King’s model determines the diffuse irradiance from the sky (ground reflected irradiance is not included in this algorithm) on a tilted surface using the surface tilt angle, diffuse horizontal irradiance, global horizontal irradiance, and sun zenith angle. Note that this model is not well documented and has not been published in any fashion (as of January 2012).

  • surface_tilt (numeric) – Surface tilt angles in decimal degrees. The tilt angle is defined as degrees from horizontal (e.g. surface facing up = 0, surface facing horizon = 90)

  • dhi (numeric) – Diffuse horizontal irradiance in W/m^2.

  • ghi (numeric) – Global horizontal irradiance in W/m^2.

  • solar_zenith (numeric) – Apparent (refraction-corrected) zenith angles in decimal degrees.


poa_sky_diffuse (numeric) – The diffuse component of the solar radiation.