pvlib.iotools.read_srml(filename, map_variables=True)[source]#

Read University of Oregon SRML 1min .tsv file into pandas dataframe.

The SRML is described in 1.

  • filename (str) – filepath or url to read for the tsv file.

  • map_variables (bool, default: True) – When true, renames columns of the DataFrame to pvlib variable names where applicable. See variable VARIABLE_MAP.


data (Dataframe) – A dataframe with datetime index


The time index is shifted back by one interval to account for the daily endtime of 2400, and to avoid time parsing errors on leap years. The returned data values are labeled by the left endpoint of interval, and should be understood to occur during the interval from the time of the row until the time of the next row. This is consistent with pandas’ default labeling behavior.

See 2 for more information concerning the file format.



University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory http://solardata.uoregon.edu/


Archival (short interval) data files