pvlib.solarposition.sun_rise_set_transit_ephem(times, latitude, longitude, next_or_previous='next', altitude=0, pressure=101325, temperature=12, horizon='0:00')[source]#

Calculate the next sunrise and sunset times using the PyEphem package.

  • time (pandas.DatetimeIndex) – Must be localized

  • latitude (float) – Latitude in degrees, positive north of equator, negative to south

  • longitude (float) – Longitude in degrees, positive east of prime meridian, negative to west

  • next_or_previous (str) – ‘next’ or ‘previous’ sunrise and sunset relative to time

  • altitude (float, default 0) – distance above sea level in meters.

  • pressure (int or float, optional, default 101325) – air pressure in Pascals.

  • temperature (int or float, optional, default 12) – air temperature in degrees C.

  • horizon (string, format +/-X:YY) – arc degrees:arc minutes from geometrical horizon for sunrise and sunset, e.g., horizon=’+0:00’ to use sun center crossing the geometrical horizon to define sunrise and sunset, horizon=’-0:34’ for when the sun’s upper edge crosses the geometrical horizon


pandas.DataFrame – index is the same as input time argument columns are ‘sunrise’, ‘sunset’, and ‘transit’

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