pvlib.clearsky.simplified_solis(apparent_elevation, aod700=0.1, precipitable_water=1.0, pressure=101325.0, dni_extra=1364.0)[source]#

Calculate the clear sky GHI, DNI, and DHI according to the simplified Solis model.

Reference 1 describes the accuracy of the model as being 15, 20, and 18 W/m^2 for the beam, global, and diffuse components. Reference 2 provides comparisons with other clear sky models.

  • apparent_elevation (numeric) – The apparent elevation of the sun above the horizon (deg).

  • aod700 (numeric, default 0.1) – The aerosol optical depth at 700 nm (unitless). Algorithm derived for values between 0 and 0.45.

  • precipitable_water (numeric, default 1.0) – The precipitable water of the atmosphere (cm). Algorithm derived for values between 0.2 and 10 cm. Values less than 0.2 will be assumed to be equal to 0.2.

  • pressure (numeric, default 101325.0) – The atmospheric pressure (Pascals). Algorithm derived for altitudes between sea level and 7000 m, or 101325 and 41000 Pascals.

  • dni_extra (numeric, default 1364.0) – Extraterrestrial irradiance. The units of dni_extra determine the units of the output.


clearsky (DataFrame (if Series input) or OrderedDict of arrays) – DataFrame/OrderedDict contains the columns/keys 'dhi', 'dni', 'ghi'.



P. Ineichen, “A broadband simplified version of the Solis clear sky model,” Solar Energy, 82, 758-762 (2008).


P. Ineichen, “Validation of models that estimate the clear sky global and beam solar irradiance,” Solar Energy, 132, 332-344 (2016).