pvlib.pvsystem.retrieve_sam(name=None, path=None)[source]#

Retrieve latest module and inverter info from a local file or the SAM website.

This function will retrieve either:

  • CEC module database

  • Sandia Module database

  • CEC Inverter database

  • Anton Driesse Inverter database

and return it as a pandas DataFrame.

  • name (string, optional) –

    Name can be one of:

    • ’CECMod’ - returns the CEC module database

    • ’CECInverter’ - returns the CEC Inverter database

    • ’SandiaInverter’ - returns the CEC Inverter database (CEC is only current inverter db available; tag kept for backwards compatibility)

    • ’SandiaMod’ - returns the Sandia Module database

    • ’ADRInverter’ - returns the ADR Inverter database

  • path (string, optional) – Path to the SAM file. May also be a URL.


samfile (DataFrame) – A DataFrame containing all the elements of the desired database. Each column represents a module or inverter, and a specific dataset can be retrieved by the command


ValueError – If no name or path is provided.


Files available at


Documentation for module and inverter data sets:



>>> from pvlib import pvsystem
>>> invdb = pvsystem.retrieve_sam('CECInverter')
>>> inverter = invdb.AE_Solar_Energy__AE6_0__277V_
>>> inverter
Vac                          277
Pso                    36.197575
Paco                      6000.0
Pdco                 6158.746094
Vdco                       360.0
C0                     -0.000002
C1                     -0.000026
C2                     -0.001253
C3                       0.00021
Pnt                          1.8
Vdcmax                     450.0
Idcmax                 17.107628
Mppt_low                   100.0
Mppt_high                  450.0
CEC_Date                     NaN
CEC_Type     Utility Interactive
Name: AE_Solar_Energy__AE6_0__277V_, dtype: object

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