pvlib.temperature.ross(poa_global, temp_air, noct)[source]#

Calculate cell temperature using the Ross model.

The Ross model 1 assumes the difference between cell temperature and ambient temperature is proportional to the plane of array irradiance, and assumes wind speed of 1 m/s. The model implicitly assumes steady or slowly changing irradiance conditions.

  • poa_global (numeric) – Total incident irradiance. [W/m^2]

  • temp_air (numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature. [C]

  • noct (numeric) – Nominal operating cell temperature [C], determined at conditions of 800 W/m^2 irradiance, 20 C ambient air temperature and 1 m/s wind.


cell_temperature (numeric) – Cell temperature. [C]


The Ross model for cell temperature \(T_{C}\) is given in 1 as

\[T_{C} = T_{a} + \frac{NOCT - 20}{80} S\]

where \(S\) is the plane of array irradiance in \(mW/{cm}^2\). This function expects irradiance in \(W/m^2\).



Ross, R. G. Jr., (1981). “Design Techniques for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Arrays”. 15th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, Orlando, FL.