pvlib.temperature.generic_linear(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed, u_const, du_wind, module_efficiency, absorptance)[source]#

Calculate cell temperature using a generic linear heat loss factor model.

The parameters for this model can be obtained from other model parameters using GenericLinearModel. A description of this model and its relationship to other temperature models is found in 1.

  • poa_global (numeric) – Total incident irradiance [W/m^2].

  • temp_air (numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature [C].

  • wind_speed (numeric) – Wind speed at a height of 10 meters [m/s].

  • u_const (float) – Combined heat transfer coefficient at zero wind speed [(W/m^2)/C]

  • du_wind (float) – Influence of wind speed on combined heat transfer coefficient [(W/m^2)/C/(m/s)]

  • module_efficiency (float) – The electrical efficiency of the module. [-]

  • absorptance (float) – The light absorptance of the module. [-]


numeric, values in degrees C.



A. Driesse et al, “PV Module Operating Temperature Model Equivalence and Parameter Translation”. 2022 IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2022.