pvlib.iotools.read_solaranywhere(filename, map_variables=True, encoding='iso-8859-1')[source]#

Read a SolarAnywhere formatted file into a pandas DataFrame.

The SolarAnywhere file format and variables are described in 1. Note, the SolarAnywhere file format resembles the TMY3 file format but contains additional variables and metadata.

  • filename (str) – Filename

  • map_variables (bool, default: True) – When true, renames columns of the DataFrame to pvlib variable names where applicable. See VARIABLE_MAP.

  • encoding (str, default : 'iso-8859-1') – Encoding of the file. For SolarAnywhere TMY3 files the ‘iso-8859-1’ encoding is recommended due to the usage of special characters.


  • data (pandas.DataFrame) – Timeseries data from SolarAnywhere.

  • metadata (dict) – Metadata available in the file.



SolarAnywhere historical data file formats