pvlib.bifacial.utils.vf_ground_sky_2d_integ(surface_tilt, gcr, height, pitch, max_rows=10, npoints=100, vectorize=False)[source]#

Integrated view factor to the sky from the ground underneath interior rows of the array.

  • surface_tilt (numeric) – Surface tilt angle in degrees from horizontal, e.g., surface facing up = 0, surface facing horizon = 90. [degree]

  • gcr (float) – Ratio of row slant length to row spacing (pitch). [unitless]

  • height (float) – Height of the center point of the row above the ground; must be in the same units as pitch.

  • pitch (float) – Distance between two rows. Must be in the same units as height.

  • max_rows (int, default 10) – Maximum number of rows to consider in front and behind the current row.

  • npoints (int, default 100) – Number of points used to discretize distance along the ground.

  • vectorize (bool, default False) – If True, vectorize the view factor calculation across surface_tilt. This increases speed with the cost of increased memory usage.


fgnd_sky (numeric) – Integration of view factor over the length between adjacent, interior rows. Shape matches that of surface_tilt. [unitless]