pvlib.temperature.noct_sam(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed, noct, module_efficiency, effective_irradiance=None, transmittance_absorptance=0.9, array_height=1, mount_standoff=4)[source]#

Cell temperature model from the System Advisor Model (SAM).

The model is described in 1, Section 10.6.

  • poa_global (numeric) – Total incident irradiance. [W/m^2]

  • temp_air (numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature. [C]

  • wind_speed (numeric) – Wind speed in m/s measured at the same height for which the wind loss factor was determined. The default value 1.0 m/s is the wind speed at module height used to determine NOCT. [m/s]

  • noct (float) – Nominal operating cell temperature [C], determined at conditions of 800 W/m^2 irradiance, 20 C ambient air temperature and 1 m/s wind.

  • module_efficiency (float) – Module external efficiency [unitless] at reference conditions of 1000 W/m^2 and 20C. Denoted as \(eta_{m}\) in 1. Calculate as \(\eta_{m} = \frac{V_{mp} I_{mp}}{A \times 1000 W/m^2}\) where A is module area [m^2].

  • effective_irradiance (numeric, optional) – The irradiance that is converted to photocurrent. If not specified, assumed equal to poa_global. [W/m^2]

  • transmittance_absorptance (numeric, default 0.9) – Coefficient for combined transmittance and absorptance effects. [unitless]

  • array_height (int, default 1) – Height of array above ground in stories (one story is about 3m). Must be either 1 or 2. For systems elevated less than one story, use 1. If system is elevated more than two stories, use 2.

  • mount_standoff (numeric, default 4) – Distance between array mounting and mounting surface. Use default if system is ground-mounted. [inches]


cell_temperature (numeric) – Cell temperature. [C]


ValueError – If array_height is an invalid value (must be 1 or 2).



Gilman, P., Dobos, A., DiOrio, N., Freeman, J., Janzou, S., Ryberg, D., 2018, “SAM Photovoltaic Model Technical Reference Update”, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Report NREL/TP-6A20-67399.