pvlib.irradiance.poa_components(aoi, dni, poa_sky_diffuse, poa_ground_diffuse)[source]#

Determine in-plane irradiance components.

Combines DNI with sky diffuse and ground-reflected irradiance to calculate total, direct and diffuse irradiance components in the plane of array.

  • aoi (numeric) – Angle of incidence of solar rays with respect to the module surface, from aoi().

  • dni (numeric) – Direct normal irradiance (W/m^2), as measured from a TMY file or calculated with a clearsky model.

  • poa_sky_diffuse (numeric) – Diffuse irradiance (W/m^2) in the plane of the modules, as calculated by a diffuse irradiance translation function

  • poa_ground_diffuse (numeric) – Ground reflected irradiance (W/m^2) in the plane of the modules, as calculated by an albedo model (eg. grounddiffuse())


irrads (OrderedDict or DataFrame) – Contains the following keys:

  • poa_global : Total in-plane irradiance (W/m^2)

  • poa_direct : Total in-plane beam irradiance (W/m^2)

  • poa_diffuse : Total in-plane diffuse irradiance (W/m^2)

  • poa_sky_diffuse : In-plane diffuse irradiance from sky (W/m^2)

  • poa_ground_diffuse : In-plane diffuse irradiance from ground (W/m^2)


Negative beam irradiation due to aoi \(> 90^{\circ}\) or AOI \(< 0^{\circ}\) is set to zero.