pvlib.inverter.pvwatts_multi(pdc, pdc0, eta_inv_nom=0.96, eta_inv_ref=0.9637)[source]#

Extend NREL’s PVWatts inverter model for multiple MPP inputs.

DC input power is summed over MPP inputs to obtain the DC power input to the PVWatts inverter model. See pvlib.inverter.pvwatts() for details.

  • pdc (tuple, list or array of numeric) – DC power on each MPPT input of the inverter. If type is array, must be 2d with axis 0 being the MPPT inputs. Same unit as pdc0.

  • pdc0 (numeric) – Total DC power limit of the inverter. Same unit as pdc.

  • eta_inv_nom (numeric, default 0.96) – Nominal inverter efficiency. [unitless]

  • eta_inv_ref (numeric, default 0.9637) – Reference inverter efficiency. PVWatts defines it to be 0.9637 and is included here for flexibility. [unitless]


power_ac (numeric) – AC power. Same unit as pdc0.