class pvlib.pvsystem.Array(mount, albedo=None, surface_type=None, module=None, module_type=None, module_parameters=None, temperature_model_parameters=None, modules_per_string=1, strings=1, array_losses_parameters=None, name=None)[source]#

An Array is a set of modules at the same orientation.

Specifically, an array is defined by its mount, the module parameters, the number of parallel strings of modules and the number of modules on each string.

  • mount (FixedMount, SingleAxisTrackerMount, or other) – Mounting for the array, either on fixed-tilt racking or horizontal single axis tracker. Mounting is used to determine module orientation. If not provided, a FixedMount with zero tilt is used.

  • albedo (float, optional) – Ground surface albedo. If not supplied, then surface_type is used to look up a value in irradiance.SURFACE_ALBEDOS. If surface_type is also not supplied then a ground surface albedo of 0.25 is used.

  • surface_type (string, optional) – The ground surface type. See irradiance.SURFACE_ALBEDOS for valid values.

  • module (string, optional) – The model name of the modules. May be used to look up the module_parameters dictionary via some other method.

  • module_type (string, optional) – Describes the module’s construction. Valid strings are ‘glass_polymer’ and ‘glass_glass’. Used for cell and module temperature calculations.

  • module_parameters (dict or Series, optional) – Parameters for the module model, e.g., SAPM, CEC, or other.

  • temperature_model_parameters (dict or Series, optional) – Parameters for the module temperature model, e.g., SAPM, Pvsyst, or other.

  • modules_per_string (int, default 1) – Number of modules per string in the array.

  • strings (int, default 1) – Number of parallel strings in the array.

  • array_losses_parameters (dict or Series, optional) – Supported keys are ‘dc_ohmic_percent’.

  • name (str, optional) – Name of Array instance.


__init__(mount[, albedo, surface_type, ...])


Calculates the equivalent resistance of the wires using pvlib.pvsystem.dc_ohms_from_percent()

get_aoi(solar_zenith, solar_azimuth)

Get the angle of incidence on the array.

get_cell_temperature(poa_global, temp_air, ...)

Determine cell temperature using the method specified by model.

get_iam(aoi[, iam_model])

Determine the incidence angle modifier using the method specified by iam_model.

get_irradiance(solar_zenith, solar_azimuth, ...)

Get plane of array irradiance components.

Examples using pvlib.pvsystem.Array#

Bifacial Modeling - modelchain

Bifacial Modeling - modelchain

Mixed Orientation

Mixed Orientation

Seasonal Tilt

Seasonal Tilt

Dual-Axis Tracking

Dual-Axis Tracking

Discontinuous Tracking

Discontinuous Tracking

4.7 MW CdTe single-axis tracking (OEDI System 9068)

4.7 MW CdTe single-axis tracking (OEDI System 9068)