pvlib.iotools.parse_epw(csvdata, coerce_year=None)[source]#

Given a file-like buffer with data in Energy Plus Weather (EPW) format, parse the data into a dataframe.

  • csvdata (file-like buffer) – a file-like buffer containing data in the EPW format

  • coerce_year (int, optional) – If supplied, the year of the data will be set to this value. This can be a useful feature because EPW data is composed of data from different years. Warning: EPW files always have 365*24 = 8760 data rows; be careful with the use of leap years.


  • data (DataFrame) – A pandas dataframe with the columns described in the table below. For more detailed descriptions of each component, please consult the EnergyPlus Auxiliary Programs documentation available at: https://energyplus.net/documentation.

  • metadata (dict) – The site metadata available in the file.