IO Tools#

Functions for retrieving, reading, and writing data from a variety of sources and file formats relevant to solar energy modeling.


Read a TMY2 file into a DataFrame.

iotools.read_tmy3(filename[, coerce_year, ...])

Read a TMY3 file into a pandas dataframe.

iotools.read_epw(filename[, coerce_year])

Read an EPW file in to a pandas dataframe.

iotools.parse_epw(csvdata[, coerce_year])

Given a file-like buffer with data in Energy Plus Weather (EPW) format, parse the data into a dataframe.


Read University of Oregon SRML 1min .tsv file into pandas dataframe.

iotools.read_srml_month_from_solardat(...[, ...])

Request a month of SRML data from solardat and read it into a Dataframe.

iotools.read_surfrad(filename[, map_variables])

Read in a daily NOAA SURFRAD file.

iotools.read_midc(filename[, variable_map, ...])

Read in National Renewable Energy Laboratory Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center weather data.

iotools.read_midc_raw_data_from_nrel(site, ...)

Request and read MIDC data directly from the raw data api.

iotools.read_ecmwf_macc(filename, latitude, ...)

Read data from ECMWF MACC reanalysis netCDF4 file.

iotools.get_ecmwf_macc(filename, params, ...)

Download data from ECMWF MACC Reanalysis API.

iotools.read_crn(filename[, map_variables])

Read a NOAA USCRN fixed-width file into a pandas dataframe.


Read NOAA SOLRAD fixed-width file into pandas dataframe.

iotools.get_psm3(latitude, longitude, ...[, ...])

Retrieve NSRDB PSM3 timeseries weather data from the PSM3 API.

iotools.read_psm3(filename[, map_variables])

Read an NSRDB PSM3 weather file (formatted as SAM CSV).

iotools.parse_psm3(fbuf[, map_variables])

Parse an NSRDB PSM3 weather file (formatted as SAM CSV).

iotools.get_pvgis_tmy(latitude, longitude[, ...])

Get TMY data from PVGIS.

iotools.read_pvgis_tmy(filename[, ...])

Read a file downloaded from PVGIS.

iotools.get_pvgis_hourly(latitude, longitude)

Get hourly solar irradiation and modeled PV power output from PVGIS.

iotools.read_pvgis_hourly(filename[, ...])

Read a PVGIS hourly file.

iotools.get_bsrn(station, start, end, ...[, ...])

Retrieve ground measured irradiance data from the BSRN FTP server.

iotools.read_bsrn(filename[, logical_records])

Read a BSRN station-to-archive file into a DataFrame.

iotools.parse_bsrn(fbuf[, logical_records])

Parse a file-like buffer of a BSRN station-to-archive file.

iotools.get_cams(latitude, longitude, start, ...)

Retrieve time-series of radiation and/or clear-sky global, beam, and diffuse radiation from CAMS (see [1]_).

iotools.read_cams(filename[, integrated, ...])

Read a CAMS Radiation or McClear file into a pandas DataFrame.

iotools.parse_cams(fbuf[, integrated, ...])

Parse a file-like buffer with data in the format of a CAMS Radiation or McClear file.

A Location object may be created from metadata in some files.

location.Location.from_tmy(tmy_metadata[, ...])

Create an object based on a metadata dictionary from tmy2 or tmy3 data readers.

location.Location.from_epw(metadata[, data])

Create a Location object based on a metadata dictionary from epw data readers.