pvlib.iotools.get_acis_available_stations(latitude_range, longitude_range, start=None, end=None, url='https://data.rcc-acis.org/StnMeta', **kwargs)[source]#

List weather stations in a given area available from the Applied Climate Information System (ACIS).

The sids returned by this function can be used with get_acis_station_data() to retrieve weather measurements from the station.

  • latitude_range (list) – A 2-element list of [southern bound, northern bound] in decimal degrees, between -90 and 90, north is positive

  • longitude_range (list) – A 2-element list of [western bound, eastern bound] in decimal degrees, between -180 and 180, east is positive

  • start (datetime-like, optional) – If specified, return only stations that have data between start and end. If not specified, all stations in the region are returned.

  • end (datetime-like, optional) – See start

  • url (str, default: ‘https://data.rcc-acis.org/StnMeta’) – API endpoint URL

  • kwargs – Optional parameters passed to requests.post.


stations (pandas.DataFrame) – A dataframe of station metadata, one row per station. The sids column contains IDs that can be used with get_acis_station_data().


requests.HTTPError – A message from the ACIS server if the request is rejected



ACIS Web Services


ACIS Metadata


>>> # Look up available stations in a lat/lon rectangle, with data
>>> # available in the specified date range:
>>> from pvlib.iotools import get_acis_available_stations
>>> stations = get_acis_available_stations([39.5, 40.5], [-80.5, -79.5],
...                                        '2020-01-01', '2020-01-03')
>>> stations['sids'][0]
['369367 2', 'USC00369367 6', 'WYNP1 7']